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Valley of the Gun Part 1

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genre: Blues/Rock
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Valley of the Gun Part 1
Paul rainbird
02/28/22 05:45:13AM @paul-rainbird:
Nice work Michael great vocals and moody feel to the song
01/31/22 05:31:02AM @shane:
Very nice number - Valley of the gun Pt1, You have a deep rich voice. Reminds me of Johnny Cash a lot of times. This number is composed and performed excellent. - by the way , thanks so much for your comment on my song and for sharing your experience ( about that shot and children). ---- I will surely listen to more of your music - motivated by what i've enjoyed in hearing Valley of the Gun pt1
Michael Slider
12/20/21 03:10:26PM @michael-slider:
Thank you @rowley:
12/18/21 05:29:17PM @rowley:
i luv!this awesome!
Michael Slider
12/18/21 04:13:58PM @michael-slider:
Thank you Rich you are so kind. You made my week.❤️
12/18/21 03:30:31PM @lodato:
Well let me the first to comment here. Mike, you have a way to capture every nuance of melodic bliss. This has hints of a few genres which gives it a more universal appeal. And appealing it is with your relaxed approach, works a charm!


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