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Valley of the Gun part 2

album: Outlaws Rebels and Bandoleros
genre: Blues/Rock
streams: 39

Valley of the Gun part 2
01/22/22 02:14:04PM @lodato:
Compelling as heck! Such an inviting intro then a huge slice of music realness.
Queen Regina
01/21/22 10:37:36AM @queen-regina:
Really great Song OF SORROW OF TODAY & TOMORROW. #Hot2022 #SingerSongwriters #BestOriginality #QueenReginaPickhit
01/20/22 02:14:22PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
Love this song Michael!Even more so,because at thee moment we are in wild west mode!!
tony cee
01/20/22 01:38:39PM @tony-cee:
love it michael , great story catchy song , nice listen ,..........cheers tony cee
01/20/22 10:35:36AM @ronbowes:
Cool job here Michael. Played sir! ;-)
Eric Saitz
01/19/22 05:19:14PM @eric-saitz:
A great song Michael. It has a Townes Van Zandt lyric vibe to my ears and a Boss musical vibe. Of course, it's all you and your distinctive voice sells the pain of the lyrics. Well done!


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