Michael Slider
Michael Slider
Michael Slider

Into The Blue

album: ?
genre: Blues/Rock
streams: 25
creation date: 2023-11-20

Into The Blue
11/23/23 06:19:39AM @ronbowes:
Nice job Michael. Sung with feeling. Stripped back, but ideal for the song.
Michael Slider
11/23/23 01:51:51AM @michael-slider:
Thank you Carol Sue, Tony Cee and Joseph Rodriquez. You all are so awesome ❤️
tony cee
11/21/23 02:33:44PM @tony-cee:
nice tune , good listen .....cheers tony cee
carol sue
11/21/23 05:46:45AM @carol-sue:
Couldn't even type while listening. Touching song, Michael~ I can relate.
The lyrics pulled me right in with your warm and wonderful vocal performance.
This goes deep. Couldn't help but bring a tear to my eye. (big compliment to you, sir!)
Bravo~ *****


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