Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi

Silenced in Feast

album: Rogue Fungi
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 73

  Song Lyrics
Verse 1  Behold the faces of feartear me to pieces drag me through dirtour breath, our sin don't wanna suffocateSUFFOCATEscreams of agony silenced in...
Silenced in Feast
tony cee
01/27/22 02:31:47PM @tony-cee:
great song love it .....cheers tony cee
01/26/22 04:29:47PM @bustert:
Farrell Jackson
01/26/22 08:40:58AM @farrell-jackson:
Wild stuff RF!
01/25/22 10:58:32PM @the-dick-layman:
:) Beast of a song! There is a very cool sound I hear on the right side of my headphones that is blowing me away. Great break Ricky! Excellent vocals front back and No No Yes Yes :) Daves vocals are mixed perfect in the mix. No NO YEs YES ... Fantastic ... Love it guys!

01/25/22 05:01:19AM @tristynleach:
finally got to log in here, this is great, production is great vocals great, the screamo style vocals are different. excellent lyrics too, enjoyed
Gary Dabrowski
01/23/22 07:11:31PM @gary-dabrowski:
no no yes yes!


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