Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi

Tragic Turn of Chance

album: Rogue Fungi
genre: Hard Rock
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  Song Lyrics
Verse 1   The helpless victimbred of discordWe feed your greednow a broken soulWith no way to cope dreadful face of terrorfear the abominationwhat power do...
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Lyric - R.Mancini
Tragic Turn of Chance
02/01/22 12:51:27PM @the-dick-layman:
You two are on a roll. :) Deep disturbing thought-provoking lyrics. Daves laid-back southern drawl delivery of those lyrics contrasted to the intense energy of the music is what draws me to RF! I really enjoyed this
02/01/22 05:27:52AM @tristynleach:
wild track guys, love your vocals on these tracks, some nifty cool guitar work, and lyrical poetry , very grungy cool
Farrell Jackson
01/31/22 11:17:26AM @farrell-jackson:
A real hard rocker Rogue Fungi! I dig those heavy power chords at the middle break Ricky and the lead guitar that follows. Great words Twank and your vocal delivery is very commanding. Great work fellas!
bill b
01/30/22 10:16:41PM @bill-b:
Intro's great, + really like the break at -2:57 works good!

tony cee
01/30/22 01:43:47PM @tony-cee:
nice rockin tune keep um coming


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