Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi

In Your Mind

album: Rogue Fungi
genre: Psychedelic Rock
streams: 82
creation date: 2022-03-28

  Song Lyrics
(Verse 1) In the deepest depths  I lost myself little late to heal these scars tonight, this child of god  will be forced to choose gotta beat this feeling...
  Song Information
Lyric - R.Mancini
In Your Mind
04/23/22 01:45:54PM @elh:
Hi Ricky and Dave
Hard hitting lyrics matched by the intensity of the music. I’ve been a fan of your music for a very long time now and I know I keep saying it but you and your sound just keep on getting better with each offering. Great work and always enjoy this RFG offering very much.

Farrell Jackson
03/28/22 09:08:14AM @farrell-jackson:
Nice intro Ricky! Some creative words and vox Twank. The second vocal adds additional interest to the song. Another masterpiece RF!
03/28/22 08:51:33AM @ronbowes:
Super intro - and then into the strident song itself. Another cool RF track. Like the alternnating voices providing a contrast in styles.


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