Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi


album: Rogue Fungi
genre: Funk Rock
streams: 386
creation date: 2022-05-11

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Verse 1  Gravitate we're traveling  I tried to give you all my love  but now I'm moving on caught in the haze  of the moon in the break of the lights its...
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Lyrics - R.Mancini
05/16/22 04:13:52PM @bustert:
un poco loco :it`s a phantastic song !
05/12/22 04:54:52AM @ronbowes:
Another cool RF track ;-)
05/11/22 10:39:44PM @moequinn:
Wow! Wow! & Wow!! I love this song for so many reasons ~ love the rifff in the middle of the song....David & Ricky do such wonderful collaborations ~ such a lively, lighthearted song ~ makes me smile all the way thru ~ you two fit so well together
Gonna DL this right now....gotta have this to accompany me on my next ride about town

05/11/22 04:08:52PM @elh:
You two sure are on a roll :) I think this might be the first duet I have heard from you :) Got a great mix of funk and rock a fantastic grove to it> and I really like the lift at the chorus. Another awesome track! Peace Eric


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