Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi
Rogue Fungi


album: Rogue Fungi
genre: Rock
streams: 131
creation date: 2022-05-24

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Verse 1 You don't know  what it means  to struggle  and stay strong like the fresh breath  on a new day no time to worry  about yesterday Chorus Bring the...
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Lyrics - R.Mancini
06/10/22 02:16:14PM @bad-love-junkie:
I so enjoyed this one guys! Super laid back track goes easy on the ears. :) The lyrics are powerful and are delivered with feeling (from you both). It's been too long. I hope you both are doing well. If this ass kicking song is any indication you must still be rock it! Really enjoyed

06/09/22 05:04:32AM @tristynleach:
Excellent track, really enjoyed this, vocals lyrics . that bass line, the guitar work is great. catchy chorus goes real well with the track, could be a hit single this , very commercial
Farrell Jackson
05/26/22 11:53:47AM @farrell-jackson:
The unmistakable lead vox style of Twank always catches my ear. The backing voice and second lead voice keeps the song solidly in the mellow, smooth groove. Cool guitar lead work!
05/24/22 10:28:08PM @moequinn:
I love Rogue Fungi songs/music - you 2 guys fit so well together
I am so glad you are able to share so much with us
Peace Moe

tony cee
05/24/22 02:55:45PM @tony-cee:
like it great work , love the vocals .....cheers tony cee


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