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The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

If She Was Her Lover ft. Joseph Rodriguez

album: The Platinum Basement Sessions
genre: SSTM 2018
streams: 103

  Song Lyrics
If She Was Her Lover      SSTM2018    (music and lyrics by William Thompson/TrueVulgarian) Verse one If she was her lover, then she’d know how she hurt me....
  Song Information
"If She Was Her Lover".... our interpretation and collaborative submission to the Same Song Title Madness 2018 project.  Words and music by Bill Thompson,...
If She Was Her Lover ft. Joseph Rodriguez
01/26/18 08:39:15PM @erne:
This is quite refreshing. A bit of a different sound for you both. Congrats yous guys for a job done exceedingly well.
carol sue
01/26/18 06:08:39AM @carol-sue:
TV + Joseph~ another fine tune!
Hats off to you guys!!

01/24/18 09:24:22PM @the-truevulgarians:
Thanks for the kind comments guys! Ron - it's just the product of trying to stay true to the original title and figuring out the correct perspective to write it from... and unrequited love is one of my specialties... lol
Farrell Jackson
01/24/18 01:29:04PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent vocal and thoughtful lyric Bill ! I like the sort of "Latin shuffle" of the beat or maybe it's a surfer beat ? All I know is it works well. Joseph plays some real nice and clean guitar!


01/24/18 10:45:08AM @david-c-deal:
Very creative turn on the song title William. Nice job guys!
01/24/18 10:38:06AM @ronbowes:
Great song and collab. What inspired you ?
01/24/18 06:16:12AM @josephrodz:
Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you.


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