Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection
Winters Resurrection

I Need Your Love

album: Vocal Demos
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 461
creation date: 2019-03-10

  Song Lyrics
I NEED YOUR LOVEWritten by Robert Wagenbrenner and Michael Will Verse 1I’ve been looking far and wide, for a place to run and hideWithout your love, you...
  Song Information
Phillip Nissen - Lead Vocals Robert Wagenbrenner - Keyboards, Percussion, Backup Vocals Michael Will - All Guitars, Backup Vocals
I Need Your Love
02/27/22 10:20:33AM @winters-resurrection:
Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments! We have done some additional work on this tune as it is pegged for our 2nd release - Enjoy and thanks again!
Barefoot Music
07/07/19 02:29:58AM @barefoot-music-group:
Michael just catching up after an 8 month hiatus....and love love love what I am finding! Outstanding tune with powerful emotive vocals.
03/29/19 02:40:53AM @freudian-slip:
Cool piece of work. Acoustic is nice and clean and the vox fit nicely into the style. Nice piece of writing and mixing.
03/28/19 11:19:25PM @moequinn:
Love this ~ thanks for sharing
03/24/19 05:57:45PM @meli-d:
Wow, so blown away with the lyrics, supported so well by the vocals, completely exploding with the clean, heart felt instruments. Excellent! Thank you for including me in your preview!💖
Gary Dabrowski
03/17/19 01:07:54PM @gary-dabrowski:
very nice!...yooze guys got a good group here!...
Farrell Jackson
03/11/19 10:01:46AM @farrell-jackson:
It sounds like this vocalist will fit nicely with your sound and style...nice backing vox as well!


03/10/19 09:40:13PM @winters-resurrection:
We are excited to share our first demo with vocals, enjoy folks!

~Michael, Winter's Resurrection


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