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Computerized Hospital ~ft. Mom Carolyn + Ron Bowes

album: Collaborations
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Computerized Hospital  (It's a computerized world) The free world, isn't free. #18...   I was born in a computerized hospital   That day there was a great...
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My mother and I, many years ago, had written most of these lyrics together.  Years later.. it becomes a song. With special thanks to Ron Bowes    for sharing...
Computerized Hospital ~ft. Mom Carolyn + Ron Bowes
carol sue
11/03/18 09:20:03PM @carol-sue:
You just made my day~ :) thanks so much!

11/02/18 02:14:18PM @josephrodz:
Great groove and vocals, KILLER!
carol sue
11/01/18 09:39:22PM @carol-sue:
Appreciate the visits so much and will try to stop by and visit all of you soon!
@ronbowes ~ couldn't have done it without you, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful music!

11/01/18 08:59:39AM @lorne-reid:
Cool bass line and interesting story line. Great job again you two!!!
10/31/18 08:38:17PM @ronbowes:
Terrific job on this Kirkpatrick ;-)
Farrell Jackson
10/31/18 10:45:03AM @farrell-jackson:
A great concept with the lyric Carol Sue and Mom! Some fine vocals also. I like this bluesy backer that you've put to it Ron with the tasty guitar chops sneaking in and out. Nice work all!


10/31/18 07:48:37AM @avmo:
Excellent track!


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