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carol sue
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album: Box Of Muffins
genre: Rock-it
streams: 125
creation date: 2020-01-17

  Song Information
©2019  Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.  All rights reserved. Music + production - Daryl Holden. Band called DELUSION.  
carol sue
08/30/20 01:01:26PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much @knightman5000
I've been enjoying some of your music too.
Stop by anytime, lol! :)

08/26/20 05:22:10PM @knightman5000:
Cool Song !!
carol sue
04/15/20 10:06:50PM @carol-sue:
@sergej77 + @skorzion
Thanks so much guys! :)

Another round of thanks to Daryl @abysss
for sharing his killer music with me.. totally loved writing this
and working with him in song!

04/15/20 09:59:20PM @skorzion:
Lovin' it!
04/14/20 07:31:58PM @sergej77:
good track and great singing Carol... :)

carol sue
01/25/20 07:31:45AM @carol-sue:
Mark Ellis:
:-) another listen to this fine track .. luv this one.. great work.. well done all involved.

Hello @ mark-ellis :)
You listened more than once.. that means a lot to me, and I'm sure
it means a lot to @abyss Daryl, too. So happy you like this!
Thanks so much for visiting, my friend!

Mark Ellis
01/24/20 06:50:12AM @mark-ellis:
:-) another listen to this fine track .. luv this one.. great work.. well done all involved.
carol sue
01/19/20 04:37:07PM @carol-sue:
@vesa - Love your comment, thank you!
Wowsers, what a compliment! :)

01/18/20 12:51:43AM @vesa:
Wowsers, my, my dear Carol. This one is so DYNAMIC, right from the first beats to your voices syncing with the tasteful fuzz guitar melodic part; all being so well arranged. Great drumming btw. Then, liking the slow tempo with warm soft organ / synth playing, @ 2:55 softening the motion, complimenting your sweet vocal range softer change, again, back to what started off the song. I love that part where you sing "kiss of love" @ 2:02 that has your voice overdubbed, a chorus; very nifty cool touch. A well produced song, as it really grabbed me nicely, to want to play it over again. I feel this is one of your best, one of my fave tunes. Very SUPERBLY PRODUCED. Well thought out with much expression. ~ Luv you. ;) Way to go!
carol sue
01/17/20 09:23:35PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much for listening @ronbowes! Smouldering... that's a good thing, right! lol
@bigpete - Wow, I think that is the best comment ever received. Much appreciated!
Thanks so much my friends! Looking forward to creating more music with you guys!
Happy new year! :)

01/17/20 09:18:33PM @bigpete:
What a great track, has top 40 written all over it.
01/17/20 09:06:03PM @ronbowes:
Great rock track - smouldering stuff Kirkpatrick!


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