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album: Box Of Muffins
genre: Rock-it
streams: 178
creation date: 2022-12-01

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FUBAR  The clock ticks on the wall. The world takes a fall. Survival becomes the war.  Never had to fight before.  It's f*kd up beyond all recognition. Dirty...
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Adult language.©2022  Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.  All rights reserved. Music + production - Daryl Holden. Band called...
03/30/23 10:26:25AM @:
Your A Liar Carol You Were Sacked From The Project 5 Songs In Carol You Wanted To Call My Album A “Box Of Muffins” My Reply To You Was Wtf No Way Then You Suggest I Throw In Your Old Tracks With Out Of Tune Vocals My Reply Was No Way Is My Music Going Anywhere Near It

You Begged To Use My Music To Give Your Husband For His Birthday For Weeks
Begged Me To Let You Use The Stuff You Did On Vocals And Came Back With Your Stupid Offers Each Day At That Time I Started To Notice As I Went Back To Read What Dribble You Had Texted Each Day I Noticed You Were Deleting Messages And Things You Had Said So I Started Snapshotting Your Texts And Giving Them To Friends And Family To Read

You Offered Money To Master Your Old Crap And Use What You Had Recorded Before You Were Sacked From My Album I Told You That I Was Continuing My Album With Some One Else You Instantly Became Jealous Thinking They Would Use Your Lyrics And Demanded To Be Listed As Lyricist On My Album The Thing Was They Made There Own Lyrics Not Yours

All Along You Knew I Was Making My Album The Crawling Chaos All Was In Place For My Album But You Couldn’t Sing In Tune And I Couldn’t Spend !8 Hour Days Trying To Fix What You Sang So I Canned You From The Project And Blocked You On Social Media

Never Once Did I Tell You That You Own My Music And Not Once Did I Say You Could Use My Songs From My Album The Crawling Chaos Commercially Those Songs Represent A Year Of My Life’s Work Before You Were Even On The Scene Carol.

Just Because You Say You Own My Music You Do Not Who In Hell Would Mix Master Produce And Write Record 5 Songs And Then Sell Them For $400 Wheres Your Contract To Prove That And Dont Say Its Your Pay Pal As You Well Know You Made Payment For Mastering And Today I See Just How Sneaky You Really Are I See Where You Tagged On The Bottom Of Your Message Sent With The Payment To Pay Pal After Thanking Me For Doing The Master For Your Birthday Gift To Vic You Went On To Say That The Payment Was For Ownership Of My Music ????? … How About I Send You One For 1C And Say Its For Ownership Of Your House And Dont Go Trying To Convince People That The Money You Spent Via Pay Pal Was For Ownership Of My Music You Paid For Teaching You To Use Your New Equipment You Did Not Pay To Have Some One Give You A Years Worth Of There Work

I Noticed On Social Media Carol How You Had Told People That I Forced You To Buy New Gear When The Truth Is You Came To Me And Said Vic And You Were Thinking About Upgrading And Asked Me For Suggestions For New Equipment

You A Liar Who Loves To Twist The Truth

Im Bringing This To Your Country Carol And Getting Amcos To Intervene As I Am The Legal Copyright Owner Of All The Music It Is Me That Owns The Multitracks And Me Who Wrote That Music…And Its Registered With Amcos In America

Pull Down The Songs From My Album The Crawling Chaos Carol

03/29/23 07:57:43PM @:
Hey Carol, ,,, ultra nice work you've done in concieving the lyrics , vocal and melodic body in this number ,,, also i quite highly like the instrumental composition. Great work on Daryl's part. I Like!!!

I noticed the phrasing and appealing highlights in your lyrics and vocal composition Carol.

carol sue
03/28/23 05:50:24PM @:
...and thank you @MoeQuinn for stopping
by and giving this song a like! Really is FUBAR.

carol sue
03/28/23 03:47:50PM @:
Daryl, I'm not sure where your mix-up came from as I had purchased the music and rights to use from you. As my Paypal receipt shows (link below) and you had agreed upon selling to me. Daryl, If you want to own the music part rather than me... you're welcome to proceed with a Paypal refund to me for the amount of $1,250.00 that I paid to you for your work for hire on this album- Box Of Muffins. I have more proof in need be, as well as your promises in writing. Let me know what you decide. Otherwise, I have not given you or anyone else express or written permission to use this material in any other way. Thank you!

Link to the Paypal payment receipts as well as the songs included in the agreed upon "Box Of Muffins" Album. Over 5 years in the baking, hmm. (It was a difficult decision not to continue working with you, Daryl, as you had wanted me to... but I found it very difficult to continue when you were so hateful and unkind to me. Still... I will wish you well and keep you in my prayers.


carol sue
01/05/23 07:28:30PM @:
Yes, pretty heavy is the lyrical content. Such is the world these days...
Appreciate you listening + commenting @bustert ~thank you!

01/03/23 04:23:12PM @:
Truthful text with an unfortunately correct message - well done with a very unique sound
carol sue
01/03/23 09:34:59AM @:
Happy new year! @lodato
Thanks so much for listening! :)

01/01/23 03:03:49PM @:
Another stunner! Dark as it gets with as much embellished excitement!
carol sue
12/26/22 06:40:36AM @:
We appreciate the kind words and your visit!
Thanks so much @sage-and-stone :)

Sage and Stone
12/25/22 12:25:25PM @:
Like your stuff! Wel produced too!
carol sue
12/13/22 05:42:24AM @:
Thanks for bringing your badazz over here to listen @ronbowes lol
Always appreciate your support, my friend!

12/10/22 09:55:42AM @:
Bad asses in the house. Driving rocker!
carol sue
12/09/22 08:20:57AM @:
Friends, thank you so much for your kind visits and comments.
@tony-cee ~ I've been on the mend. Hope you, and everyone are doing well.
Best of wishes to you all for the holiday season and upcoming new year.
-tick tock-

12/02/22 10:11:32AM @:
Yeah, from the first note, you can tell Daryl is in the house! That bottom of the well bass drives this so well. And easily the best vocal I've ever heard from CSK. Damn fine track, folks!
Gary Dabrowski
12/01/22 07:59:18PM @:
whoa...heavy duty...well done
12/01/22 07:41:38PM @:
Great song, great voice & music, wtg guys!
Farrell Jackson
12/01/22 06:35:13PM @:
Strong vocals and lyric CSK and Daryl's music sets a heavy stage! I enjoyed it a lot.
tony cee
12/01/22 02:56:09PM @:
carol sue where have you been , this is brill great song and lyrics and that fantastic vocal loved it , cheers tony cee
12/01/22 10:57:16AM @:
A very powerful musical expression of your emotional states. Fine job space bud.
Paul rainbird
12/01/22 10:09:52AM @:
Very cool Song guys love it


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