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FUBAR - by Daryl Holden + Carol Sue Kirkpatrick

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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  Song Lyrics
FUBAR  The clock ticks on the wall. The world takes a fall. Survival becomes the war.  Never had to fight before.  It's f*kd up beyond all recognition. Dirty...
  Song Information
Adult content Band - DelusionFUBAR (C)2022 Music + production by Daryl Holden.Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.All rights reserved. 
FUBAR - by Daryl Holden + Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
carol sue
01/05/23 07:28:30PM @carol-sue:
Yes, pretty heavy is the lyrical content. Such is the world these days...
Appreciate you listening + commenting @bustert ~thank you!

01/03/23 04:23:12PM @bustert:
Truthful text with an unfortunately correct message - well done with a very unique sound
carol sue
01/03/23 09:34:59AM @carol-sue:
Happy new year! @lodato
Thanks so much for listening! :)

01/01/23 03:03:49PM @lodato:
Another stunner! Dark as it gets with as much embellished excitement!
carol sue
12/26/22 06:40:36AM @carol-sue:
We appreciate the kind words and your visit!
Thanks so much @sage-and-stone :)

Sage and Stone
12/25/22 12:25:25PM @sage-and-stone:
Like your stuff! Wel produced too!
carol sue
12/13/22 05:42:24AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for bringing your badazz over here to listen @ronbowes lol
Always appreciate your support, my friend!

12/10/22 09:55:42AM @ronbowes:
Bad asses in the house. Driving rocker!
carol sue
12/09/22 08:20:57AM @carol-sue:
Friends, thank you so much for your kind visits and comments.
@tony-cee ~ I've been on the mend. Hope you, and everyone are doing well.
Best of wishes to you all for the holiday season and upcoming new year.
-tick tock-

12/02/22 10:11:32AM @jimsae:
Yeah, from the first note, you can tell Daryl is in the house! That bottom of the well bass drives this so well. And easily the best vocal I've ever heard from CSK. Damn fine track, folks!
Gary Dabrowski
12/01/22 07:59:18PM @gary-dabrowski:
whoa...heavy duty...well done
12/01/22 07:41:38PM @josephrodz:
Great song, great voice & music, wtg guys!
Farrell Jackson
12/01/22 06:35:13PM @farrell-jackson:
Strong vocals and lyric CSK and Daryl's music sets a heavy stage! I enjoyed it a lot.
tony cee
12/01/22 02:56:09PM @tony-cee:
carol sue where have you been , this is brill great song and lyrics and that fantastic vocal loved it , cheers tony cee
12/01/22 10:57:16AM @david-c-deal:
A very powerful musical expression of your emotional states. Fine job space bud.
Paul rainbird
12/01/22 10:09:52AM @paul-rainbird:
Very cool Song guys love it


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