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DELUSION - Daryl Holden + Carol Sue

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 78
creation date: 2022-12-25

  Song Lyrics
DELUSION It's a, a delusion. It rains with confusion.Sister to illusions when it fades away. It's an underlying condition. Downright tradition. The Inner...
DELUSION - Daryl Holden + Carol Sue
carol sue
01/03/23 09:41:29AM @carol-sue:
Hi @ronbowes Happy new year!
I was caught growling again, lol~ think I enjoy doing that. ha!
Thank you so much for the spin, always appreciated!

12/31/22 09:22:44AM @ronbowes:
Going to be a corker of an album. Love the staccato riff. The darkness of these tracks is accentuated by the growling Kikpatrick vocals.
carol sue
12/28/22 04:18:53PM @carol-sue:
@farrell-jackson you rock!
And thanks again to Daryl for rocking with me on this song!
@the-abyss - Best of wishes to you all in 2023+ thank you
for all the support over the years.

Farrell Jackson
12/26/22 10:30:37AM @farrell-jackson:
This has a cool industrial sound, whatever that means lol, but it does sound good to my ears.
Great vocals CSK, I dig the growling accents. Daryl put down some cool music!

carol sue
12/26/22 06:51:07AM @carol-sue:
Hello @bustert :)
Thanks so much for listening and sharing your thoughts about the song.
Much appreciated! Best wishes to you & yours in 2023 :)

12/25/22 03:15:56PM @bustert:
Unusually electronic with a great oriental-sounding theme - drives forward very nicely
carol sue
12/25/22 01:01:35PM @carol-sue:
Awesome review @lodato Put a smile on my face, you did. lol
Thank you and Merry Christmas, my friend! ;)

12/25/22 12:17:31PM @lodato:
Big and growing into something marvelously, enthrallingly huge!


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