No Time

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genre: Alternative Rock
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No Time
02/24/14 05:37:49PM @bustert:
it`s a joy to hear this melodicious sound- it`s a real good day beginner!
09/16/10 08:24:05AM @mark-reed:
What takes me with this piece, is the total unhurried feel to it. The rhythm is solid giving room for a some very good phrasing. very nice indeed well done
02/18/10 12:21:14AM @digger-stone:
you can allways tell a real guitar player by the way there's never any fear in there delivery with what they want to play/say. you my friend play just that way to me.....
there's a natural flow that only a few have, and i find it quite amazing. i could only wish to have this much heart in my play... this is a beautifull piece of music and i'll be back for more...


12/16/09 01:38:31PM @chris-berrill:
Nice tone control and a very tight groove. I keep coming back for more, excellent stuff.

02/21/08 09:09:18PM @the-full-quid:
one of you best , I can even heasr a vocal in my imagination , reminds me of eric johnson of late.

02/11/08 01:51:26AM @starting-over:
Love the tone you get on your guitar work, really nice. Song is really cool, good melody and phrasing, nice work.


02/01/08 01:12:06PM @tcp:
Gorgeous tele work for sure. Unbelievable clean playing with tons of style and detail. I just love the polish and mood of this piece. Congrats! Great stuff hands down.. ~Blake
01/28/08 10:40:25PM @tlt50:
Brother Swede !! Yea, he has a gift,which he shares so admirally :-)
"No Time" ??? We can all relate to that . We are lucky,,Christer finds the time to share his music....AMEN. Exceptional song !!!!!
Larry T. *****

12/28/07 10:32:40PM @henry-tarnecky:
Nice broad sound... tight groove... melodic guitar is a favorite element for my ears. Enjoyed this one very much! Well done!
12/20/07 02:02:37PM @shane:
Crickon,, -- im trying to think of a way to illustrate what i think here,, imagine you go to a restaurant, order a couple things,, and , it's okay ,, then another day you go to a different restaurant, order a couple things,, and the flavour and skill it which the gifted cook prepares food, melts you and it seems like the best thing you've ever tasted and you just love the food. - well that's the kind of taste you created in the feel and flow of this track. i love it and i have to hear it again. i want to tip the waiter !!!

12/02/07 07:38:33PM @diva:
Man, I could listen to your songs all night. You are the real deal -- a consumate musician and guitarist. I love how you got such a meaty, beefy sound from the guitar, but not at the expense of clarity, feel and soul. I just kick myself for not swinging by before now to listen to your tunes.
11/23/07 10:29:22AM @michael-nunley:
I love this one. But then... I'm trying to remember if you've ever posted one I didn't !

Class, talent, and taste man. Outstanding song from an outstanding artist.

11/17/07 04:38:57PM @the-deep:
Yess You Have an excellent sound ..Some of this reminds me of Eric johnson . Great Playing !
11/14/07 02:59:00PM @tcp:
Wonderful song without a single glitch...gorgeous playing style, sound, touch. Flowing composition. Performances don't come better than this. Great values man!! Love it. 5 in my book. ~ Blake
11/14/07 01:34:30PM @lex-zaleta:
My kind of sound (the kind I like but can't get) right from the intro! The backing tracks do their job and provide a sturdy foundation without ever intruding upon the guitar star of the show. You sure do have this stuff down perfectly!
Gary Carciello
11/12/07 11:25:29AM @gary-carciello:
Hello Chrickon!

What a great tele play like a man that guitar!
All work fine here...production,sounds,arrangement...really nice song!
You play those notes with great touch...This is excellent stuff!


11/11/07 04:02:54PM @omm:

11/11/07 10:16:38AM @ab1:
well i got to add.. how could this awesome piece of music have less than a 5? there are always a few stalkers i guess.. anonymous downraters.. don't let that happen on this site please fam.. this song is just AWESOME.. if you not feelin that.. just keep playin and don't
try to undermine a masterpiece.. we see right through ya.. the good musicians know..

11/11/07 10:13:27AM @ab1:
man.. what a site.. what a great talent.. another one.. but not like any other one.. it takes sexy to groove the beat like this folks.. too sweet.. slow and with such a nailin the beat flow.. I already know.. to my top favorite artists list you go.. talk about home.. I'm in guitar heaven here Chrick.. only took me 40 years.. hearin guitar like you do here means it was worth the wait.. just sorry I'm late.. my brother you are too smooth.. just GREAT..
Rob Grant
11/11/07 08:11:39AM @rayon-vert:
Man!! SUPER SWEET SONG!! This is such a nice truely have a smooth guitar tone and style, I had a "tele" once and could never get the sounds I wanted, back in "the day", that is. I've since learned how GREAT they can be....and here's some real proof. EXCELLENT SONG!!


11/11/07 07:28:35AM @dazed:
Back I love your playing. This is some outstanding playing. Whenever you want to collab let me know!


Thevi Olin
11/10/07 06:38:01AM @thevi-olin:
Such a great tune. And the guitar playing is great. Contolled, expressive and great tone. Another excellent song!! Enjoying myself this morning with your music!

01/06/08 05:17:40PM @brian-mattson:
Just awesome man, great job on all counts. This grabbed me from the get-go and just sticks with ya! I'm a fan for sure!
01/29/07 04:07:41AM @robert-smith:
Hi Chricko -

Another great piece of music - I'm always waiting for a new track from Christer.

01/28/07 10:00:03AM @dazed:
Man your tracks are just brilliant. Great tone, exception playing and tasty melodies.

Excellent track Chrickon. I wish I had a quarter of your playing ability!



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