Good Things

album: Project
genre: Pop
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First one for 2008. A instrumental Pop song with a not so common bridge. Should probably be a better track with vocals
Good Things
08/11/13 11:14:34AM @mach:

This has always been one of my favs from you, it gets played regularly. Congrats on Artist of the Month!


02/04/08 09:14:18PM @tlt50:
outstanding!! there is a reason they call you mr smooth! your playing just carries a lot of emotion in it. Great song Christer and wonderfully played.
02/13/08 09:33:26PM @henry-tarnecky:
Nice track... full and confident... the moments where the organ floods behind the lead are really nice. Overall sound is top notch great emotional guitar work.
02/13/08 09:11:04PM @wrightdude:
Very nice!!!! Youve got a very sweet touch on the guitar and a very refined sound! Beautiful piece!
02/12/08 04:12:33PM @mark-cloutier:
sorry im late---very relaxed and nice nice clean guitar tone--lay down those fingers and make sweet tones-acoustic strumming--beautiful-talking me language--i hear ya!!! mark
Luca Wulf
02/08/08 05:08:13PM @huge-artist:
This is TASTE,and it's something you either have or not.
You built an excellent platform for showcasing your lead work.
A beautiful mellow track,brought to sparkling life by that lead work which crosses between melody line and lead perfectly.
Greatly enjoyed.

02/08/08 05:21:42AM @mike-lynn:
A lovely instrumental piece, brilliant guitarworks. I simply like it.
02/05/08 09:04:01AM @mark-reed:
very nice, enjoyed it well done
02/05/08 07:58:38AM @michael-nunley:
On a Ten scale....I'd give it a 12.

02/05/08 02:28:35AM @self-tort:
Christer, you were one of the first artists I heard on ims. I was a bit browned off with OMDs and what I heard of your compositions/playing and production really made me feel that this is a great place. I've been sporadic in my involvement in here, but can honestly say that even if the people who run this site were shysters (and I should point out they're not) and everyone else on the site was a rank amateur (which they're clearly not) it would still be worth being part of this site just to hear what you put out. Superb piece of music. Timeless, crossing who knows how many genre boundaries, this is just as good an example of indie music as you'd want to find. Loved it.



02/05/08 01:05:52AM @the-deep:
Christer- I absolutely love this music. I want to find words somehow, to convey just how wonderfully this track plays into my soul. Well, while this is playing, it makes you feel that all other music in the world is a waste of space. This track is all the whole needs . That's how hearing it makes me feel.

I fully enjoy the tone and melody of the clean lead guitar- the acqustic guitar, and later in the track where you bring in overdrived electric lead,,- the electric overdrive lead carries also in exquisite ,, sweet tone.

I want to give something more useful than just sloshy compliments - but all i seem to really be able to say is, i tremendously love this song and the taste with which you have played. !!!!!!

02/05/08 12:21:46AM @brian-mattson:
Classic Christer is the best compliment I could give ya. You always deliver such understated passion, along with some cool chord changes. Just enough to savor slowly like a fine wine.
02/04/08 09:06:07PM @tlt50:
I liked Robbo's take,,Classic Christer !! As he can only do !!
Sweet, melodic, tasteful and superb perfomance and production..,.
It's always a pleasure to listen and enjoy your beautiful talents,My, Brother Swede !!......Masterful !!!!!
Larry T.......

02/04/08 08:59:02PM @maxidogma:
Very laid back. Your guitar does sing as previously stated. Very nice mix as well. Tasteful. MD. :)
Farrell Jackson
02/04/08 06:26:51PM @farrell-jackson:
Nice!!!!!!!! Really, really, really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I needed a listen like this right now and my mood is changing for the better as your excellent guitar plays on................
Thanks, Farrell

02/04/08 06:16:50PM @ab1:
hey christer.. was just thinking earlier that i wanted to hear something from you.. this is just the mellow vibe i had in mind.. it's absolutely beautiful.. soothing and passion filled..
lovely to hear your clean tone side.. nice touch and vibrato..
awesome is a better description.. yes rob.. sweet melodies.. no one has sweeter.. fantastic is right robbo.. wow.. sensational key changes in the bridge.. you always give us one run to savor..
yes indeed friend.. i love this flavor.. cheers C.. :-)

02/04/08 06:13:40PM @rob-hanlon:
Christer - A beautiful song with great guitar playing as usual. You do make your guitar sing. Excellent!
Rob Grant
02/04/08 06:07:27PM @rayon-vert:
Very nice listening......sweet melodies, smooth playing and a very nice production. Great arrangement. The organ really added a nice feel. +++++

02/04/08 05:46:39PM @robert-smith:
This is classic Christer!!


03/17/08 01:59:31PM @mike-s:
**** that was good, anyone else reading this please check this song out. Not only musical ability but that x factor when it comes to writing a tune. Please, please, please telepathically infuse me with some of this songwriting ability.
02/05/08 03:07:31PM @bluesydude:
A master at work, Mr. Smooth.
02/06/08 02:26:05PM @george-shepherd:
This is just fabulous. I'm always so inspired when I hear you play. Thanks for posting! Classic Christer.
02/06/08 02:27:16PM @george-shepherd:
You're such a measured player. Never over playing, but also never under playing. Always in the pocket (I hope you consider this a compliment!).
02/06/08 12:09:59AM @starting-over:
Great song and playing, not the typical guitar instrumental very refreshing. You definitley have a nice sound and one talented guitarist! Enjoyed the listen very much.


02/05/08 07:30:20AM @bri-an:
This is just a great arrangement. This is the kind of music that reaches out and takes hold of any who listen.
It would be challenge to match the emotion that the guitar is pouring out with script and vocals.
ka-ching Christer!. This excellence in songwriting speaks out loudly...beautiful resolve.

Michael Yablonski
02/05/08 08:48:03PM @michael-yablonski:
Christer, this is such a great listen, takes me back to a place where life was much simpler, just hangin' out and enjoying it all. Guitar work is superb, another outstanding production. You are the master. Thanks for the kind words on my latest tune. Mike


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