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This Unknown Soldier (DavidcDeal and John Else)

album: This Uknown Soldier
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This Unknown Soldier (DavidcDeal and John Else)
carol sue
01/23/20 07:10:00AM @carol-sue:
Once again, Bravo! *****

John R. Kennedy
10/20/13 12:01:32AM @john-r-kennedy:
David and John, I can certainly relate to this, haven been in Vietnam, in the Army. This surely tells a story. Seems our president has another view, which is the saddest story America has ever experienced, as far as our vets are concerned. This was a very nice piece and hope people will take it to heart, especially those who have never been to war. So, thank you for sharing this piece, it does touch ones heart. On my soundclick website is a piece I arranged from samples titled Long Road Home, anyone can listen to it. It is dedicated to those who have given their lives for freedom, those who have been wounded for freedom and for those who made it home fighting for freedom.

Peace and Blessings, John

Mista Perez
11/28/11 07:48:00AM @mista-perez:
This is truly an interesting project. Strong backing with strong narration of the cruel reality we have going on in this world.
Jim Easton
11/26/11 06:00:17AM @jim-easton:
John, thank you so much for all that you guys do to keep us safe-!!
Thank you David for composing the music for the story behind our heros-!!

Luca Wulf
11/25/11 03:22:04PM @huge-artist:
I was here.
I sat and listened in silence.
Half a dozen times I tried to write something but it never came out right.

And so...

My respects

I was here.
I sat and listened in silence.

11/24/11 09:07:33AM @bri-an:
whoa David....music is perfect with the narration, hits home...with the words spoken, imagery enhanced 10 fold.

11/24/11 02:10:21PM @gene-smith:
Incredibly and deeply touching! Music can heal...
11/25/11 03:32:03AM @digger-stone:
dude... that was heavy as hell...

yea, this is great!


11/25/11 12:42:40PM @cooter:
Beautiful and so sad, both at same time. Tears in my eyes, David and John. This is SO well done. Both music and spoken word, heartfelt.

My hat's off to you guys. This is special.


11/25/11 01:57:57PM @chrickon:
Music and spooken words match perfectly! Was touched by the music itself the first listen! second listen this piece really grabbed me!
Very touching! Excellent work.


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