Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

The Warriors (Remastered with G. Carciello & DrC)

album: Third Times Charm
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 15

  Song Lyrics
The Warriors V1All through the ages......the story is toldAt the fires of festivals and feastsOf warriors..... that protect..... young and oldThey...
  Song Information
This is a remastered song called The Warriors. It has three members of Rayon Vert involved. It was shelved, waiting for CD #3 that never materialized. It's...
The Warriors (Remastered with G. Carciello & DrC)
carol sue
04/22/20 05:13:18AM @carol-sue:
I remember this tune and the excellent parade of talent that it holds!
Sharp remastering ***** way to go! :)

Farrell Jackson
04/21/20 08:53:02AM @farrell-jackson:
Thank you fellas! We all appreciate your good words. @shane: @gary-dabrowski


04/21/20 03:05:16AM @shane:
This is a landmark of fine musicianship. As the track plays through i encounter numerous aspects of music that I would buy in record stores, back when there was such a thing as record stores, ha. Doc C often reminds me of the sound of Kerry Livgren and Steve Walsh. At about -1.39 , Lead Guitar from Gary comes in and definately nails this number into a reminder of early Kansas , to my ears. I hope you don't mind the comparison , i reckon it's good to have equal comparability with the output of legendary greats. It's delightful to hear the familiar vocal and lyric story style of Farrel Jackson.
Gary Dabrowski
04/20/20 08:40:53PM @gary-dabrowski:
I like it!...cool song, great vocal, musicianship and production...


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