Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Purple Sky (Rayon Vert-remastered)

album: State of the Union
genre: Prog Rock
streams: 15

  Song Lyrics
He was gigging at the age of 16.....long haired skinny kid just barely weaned.....etc.
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Purple Sky is the 3rd song off Rayon Vert's 2008 State of the Union cd. I decided to remaster it with LANDR and repost  to my page. I've always liked this...
Purple Sky (Rayon Vert-remastered)
08/25/20 02:02:07PM @lorne-reid:
Love all the Rayon Vert tunes! No exception here. Such well played and arranged tunes!
Farrell Jackson
08/24/20 11:00:55AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Ray and Carol Sue for taking the time to listen and for the good words!

Farrell for Rayon Vert

carol sue
08/24/20 05:38:55AM @carol-sue:
Recognized the talented, Rayon Vert, in Blackwater's show the other night.
Enjoyed listening again, btw. Fantastic mix! Bravo! *****

Ray Brookes
08/20/20 04:13:30PM @ray-brookes:
Oh yeah, what a great rocking track! Everything shining here - the mix the mastering the instrumentation and what brilliant guitar work! Great job.


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