Cry For Help

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A song for those that may feel, alone, depressed, hurt, someone that feels like no one can see them, or ignoring them and the pain the have. This is hope.
Cry For Help
04/06/17 10:33:28PM @moquinn:
Kit listening to this song it truly touches my heart pulling at my heart strings ~ & reading your bio & comment herewith I am learning you more & more ~ a heart wrenching song as I have known others on my road of life who have felt so helpless....calling out for help....I am thankful that you have pulled thru all your trials...& have come back to good health & the people who love you may God bless you & keep you healthy & strong my friend
06/10/15 09:19:41PM @hydrogen3:
Very nice! enjoyed this!
02/24/15 11:32:53AM @mike-s:
Really enjoyed this one. good performances all round and a well written song too.
02/24/15 03:05:52AM @kitmann:
Linda I really want to thank you. The music for this I had written over 20 years ago, 25 by the time I recorded this. All the chords in the music was great for my picking hand and fret hand to warm up with. One time after my second chest surgery I was in the family room getting ready to play. I started my warm up and I started singing "alone in these walls don't dare go outside". From there I started to write the lyrics. They are really about me. I tried to write them in a way anyone who has ever felt like this could find some comfort or grab hold of the song just for a moment. Beth brought so much power to the chorus of the song. Her vocal range is amazing and I think that with her lyrics it somehow in a small way lets the men and women suffering something to hold on to.
Again thank you so so much Linda
Kit :)

Lyrical Princess
02/23/15 03:50:22PM @lyrical-princess:
I've heard this many times in the chat. This is a truly amazing performance by you & Beth. Beautifully written . For me, this song has it all. Thank you for writing this song for me (and others that have been there) I've felt all of those things at one time or another. Not a good feeling. Nobody should ever feel that way.. Thanks for the Hope :) I really like this song!! 5*****+ Thank you for the D/L :)
2012 BC
12/07/13 06:46:14PM @2012-bc:
Beautiful tune Kit...nice build to the end...angelic vocal accompaniment.


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