3 steps ahead of the Devil-Kit Mann, Doc David Deal, Bill-TrueVulgarians, David Coonrod

album: Guitar Mann
genre: Mix2014BluesMusicAward
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This is a collab with Doc Deal, Bill-TrueVulgarian, David Coonrod and I.  It is a blues song about a man that commited a crime when he was young, trying to...
3 steps ahead of the Devil-Kit Mann, Doc David Deal, Bill-TrueVulgarians, David Coonrod
06/26/15 12:11:51AM @uncaged:
This hits me in my soul. Absolutely love it!
11/24/14 01:23:31PM @kitmann:
Farrell my friend, I am so honored that you like the song. I'm still flying high after working with Doc, TV, and David C, and listening to the final project. To me Doc, TV, and David C, took the song and each made it apart of them. They are the finest artist I have ever worked with in all the days of playing and recording. Because of my health and issues I can't get out and play anymore, or even afford to go to a recording studio, but here in Mix, with artist like Doc, TV, and David C. I can see my dreams of a song come together. It always has been for me and always will be, If I can touch one person with one song my job is done then I try and do it again. Thank you so very much my friend. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. Kit
Farrell Jackson
11/24/14 10:45:37AM @farrell-jackson:
Kit, you come up with a good song idea and then enlist three very talented guys (DCD, TV, and David C.) to help bring your vision to can you go wrong? You can't go wrong and this song proves the point. Well done all!


11/23/14 07:51:39PM @kitmann:
I love ya Toni, you are so awesome, Thank you Sis <3
Barefoot Music
11/23/14 06:15:26PM @barefoot-music-group:
I wish there was a "like" button... times 10.
11/23/14 10:15:01AM @kitmann:
Joseph and Toni, I really want to thank you from all of us. I'm really proud of this song. Toni you are right. The organ, and bass line really pull at your heart. And the way Bill did his vocals is haunting for sure. I just love how all parts of the song project at the same time as Bill really projects his vocal which just gives me shivers ever time I hear it. Joseph thank you brother for the download and for your comment my friend. Love Ya Both.....Kit
11/23/14 08:13:55AM @josephrodz:
A song that fit to a movie and a great line-up of musicians
that knows how to rock 'n roll!

Barefoot Music
11/23/14 06:54:15AM @barefoot-music-group:
Fantastic blues style storytelling in it's genuineness lyrically and with Bill's vocals that bring a raw edge to the tune perfectly. The bass line is a magnet immediately, and I especially love how DCD's keys bring on this mournful and haunting sensibility to the tune that also fits so well. Awesome production guys!
THIS is why I listen to Blues AND why your collabs rate a 10 in my book.

11/22/14 10:15:32PM @kitmann:
Thank you so much Doug. I have never recorded with artist as good as Doc, TV and David C. This was so much fun to see come together.


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