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Always love you ~ft. Abyss- Daryl Holden

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 129

  Song Lyrics
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>>  "Always Love You" Time has moved on and so have I.   I still question, why oh why..    Why do I think of you.I will always love...
  Song Information
(c)2018 Music and production - The Abyss~ Daryl Holden.   Lyrics and vocals - Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.
Always love you ~ft. Abyss- Daryl Holden
carol sue
10/17/18 03:44:55PM @carol-sue:
Wow, what a nice comment~
we thank you so very much @phillipfoxley !!


10/17/18 09:27:24AM @phillipfoxley:
What a great song, great vocal, fabulous drum sound and close, tight production. It's all here!! Wow!
carol sue
10/07/18 09:45:29PM @carol-sue:
Much appreciate your visit, thank you Jerry!
10/06/18 08:10:46PM @jerrywillard:
Awesome song! I love it✌😎🎸
carol sue
09/30/18 04:39:24PM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> with thanks!
09/29/18 12:42:14PM @lodato:
Soulful and sultry!
09/28/18 03:53:42PM @josephrodz:
Really this tune kikazz, so Daryl & Carol ROCK MY WORLD!!!!
carol sue
09/27/18 09:11:51AM @carol-sue:
So many great talents on this site..
Thank you, Daryl~ for making me feel like
I can shine among the stars.. like yourself.
Thank you so much for doing this song with me!

love carols voice on this she realy is a star


Thank you all so very much for taking the time to listen and share
your thoughts~ Love them all!

09/26/18 03:00:34PM @tlt50:
What an incredible collab. Daryl's work is always superb. Carol....your vocals and lyrics are outstanding in this track. Well done by the both of you. Bravo ***** :)

Larry T.

Martin Valins
09/26/18 11:27:53AM @martin-valins:
Wow Wow !! What an incredible song !! Great work and congratulations to you both !! Wonderful production and those vocals oh my ! They just get you !! Worthy of anything I could hear on main stream radio - Going to share this on FB !! Lets get this to #1 Will be playing this a lot !! Martin x
Paul rainbird
09/26/18 10:57:51AM @paul-rainbird:
Very cool Song Love the production and haunting vocals 👍👌
09/26/18 10:35:41AM @piyali:
Very beautiful! I love it Carol! Love this collab between you and Daryl, unique, sweet, brilliant!
Randy Gabel
09/26/18 09:49:10AM @randy-gabel:
This is a very emotional and moving song Carol. I really like this, great job!!!!
09/25/18 10:28:11AM @the-abyss:
love carols voice on this she realy is a star
09/24/18 09:05:40AM @ronbowes:
Great clab. Top marks! Music is cool and super vox by Kirkpatrick
09/23/18 07:51:43PM @gary-hart:
Wow working with Daryl and creating a cool track here! Nice work CSK! Enjoyed the listen!! Rock on! 👍
09/23/18 11:55:46AM @ron-dadey:
Very nice work Carol and Daryl ;-D


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