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carol sue
carol sue


album: Box Of Muffins
genre: Rock-it
streams: 53
creation date: 2019-01-27

  Song Information
©2019 Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.  All rights reserved. Music + production - Daryl Holden. Band called DELUSION.  
carol sue
02/02/19 09:17:03PM @carol-sue:
Thank you all very much!
Frank Northcutt
01/30/19 10:20:55AM @frank-northcutt:
Gritty performance, Carol Sue. Great dynamics in you voice on this. The music and production supports it well.
01/28/19 06:42:08PM @moequinn:
Awesome production Carol Sue & Daryl Holden AKA Abyss
I think this is the song CS mentioned she was allowed to scream on
it is good to vent
smiling over the lyrics
enjoying this .....Moe

01/27/19 06:46:25PM @shane:
hey , quite a burning track here. wow Dary Abyssl has really created a magnificent! music number here . and CSK, i reckon you've really broke through to some new heights in your writing and vocal career.
01/27/19 10:46:33AM @david-c-deal:
Good work friends.
01/27/19 09:03:30AM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Carol awesome emotive performance. In this day and age it may not be pc to say but dam sexy voice! Production and music is perfect. Really enjoyed this one. Nice work! Peace Eric
tony cee
01/27/19 05:13:02AM @tony-cee:
thanks for your comment carol sue on my song , this song sounds great your vocals sound fantastic ,love those drums , and overall mix catchy song superb . cheers …...tony cee


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