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RING THE BELL - Daryl Holden + Carol Sue featuring Joseph Rodriguez

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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  Song Lyrics
RING THE BELL        You're the rollercoaster I'd like to ride. Like the Ferris wheel you get me high.  Be the bumper car I'd like to drive.   The main...
  Song Information
Band - Delusion(C) 2022Music, instruments, guitar + production - Daryl Holden.Lyrics + vocals- Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. Lead Guitar - Joseph Rodriguez. 
RING THE BELL - Daryl Holden + Carol Sue featuring Joseph Rodriguez
carol sue
01/17/23 08:01:07AM @carol-sue:
Paul, thank you and good vibes received!
I'll try to make my way back to listen to
more of the great Indie music here.

Stay blessed everyone!
Thanks again for the music ride, Daryl & Joseph

Paul rainbird
01/14/23 03:53:49AM @paul-rainbird:
Like this a lot great vibe going on here
carol sue
12/25/22 10:28:29AM @carol-sue:
Thank you @gary-dabrowski
Merry Christmas to you + everyone!

Gary Dabrowski
12/18/22 09:31:09AM @gary-dabrowski:
nice production...sounds great!
carol sue
12/17/22 11:24:42AM @carol-sue:
Wonderful comments we appreciate so much!
Thanks so much for visiting. @ronbowes, @josephrodz, @paul-grimwood,
@farrell-jackson, + @frank-northcutt :)

Happy birthday to Daryl today! Special thanks also to Daryl Holden & Joseph Rodriguez for this song collaboration. How cool is that~ I got to jam with the big boys! :)

Frank Northcutt
12/17/22 10:23:58AM @frank-northcutt:
Man, this is hot, Carol Sue! Cool lyrics and great vocal. Joseph is really on his game here. Nice work!
Farrell Jackson
12/17/22 08:29:32AM @farrell-jackson:
Great work on the vocals, guitar, songwriting and production! You two nailed it down big time.
Lonesome wolf
12/16/22 11:18:34PM @paul-grimwood:
This is an awesome song Carol - Sue!Loved it!
12/16/22 09:28:27PM @josephrodz:
Wow this is a big track to get kikazz!
12/16/22 07:25:09PM @ronbowes:
Great track. Like the middle-eastern vibe on the recurrent riff. Vocals nail it.
carol sue
12/16/22 11:54:10AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for ringing this bell! ;)
@david-c-deal + @lodato

12/15/22 09:23:47PM @lodato:
Diggin this big time! More please!
12/15/22 12:20:23PM @david-c-deal:
This is one sexy, powerful song. Daryl and Joseph, your work on this is excellent as well.


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