Holiday Is Over

album: Project
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Had some spare time this holiday and finaly got some time to explore my new toy(POD HD 400).Can't say it is better than the XT but different it is. Stock...
Holiday Is Over
Luca Wulf
01/24/11 12:04:26PM @huge-artist:
Ah I saw your forum post about the new POD.
I have my old trusty line 6.
Done alot of miles with that.

Certainly producing some beautiful guitar tones here mate...
That smooth sustained lead was bliss.

Must also pass comment on bass and drums,just right.
But yes for sure,the guitar is the star.
You made the ideal track to explore the tones you discovered.

Class mate.

Rob Grant
01/06/11 03:29:52PM @rayon-vert:
A "Master" of guitar tone and emotion.......of course, not forgetting to mention....Master Of Guitar..PERIOD!!! Great theme and some gut ripping riffs and tone. Man!! The wah got me.....EXCELLENT!!!!

01/07/11 05:32:09PM @bri-an:
I fully concour with Rob. Master you are.
By far the best musician/guitarist/arranger...It totally amazes me how you ZONE in on your enviroment... Using the available gear you at your disposal...and then!!...create the fantastic composition i am hearing here!! Every element is in it's place with absolute perfect temperment.
Your guitar playing is a smooth and silky as the production values, the mood that is created keeps the emotion intacted for the entire arrangement. You sing through your guitar...and thats felt my friend.
It's a great privilige to be able to hear music of such high caliber Ckrickon. Indeed, music that should be shared by many !!


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