Still Smiling

album: Project
genre: Instrumental
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creation date: 2006-06-07

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I had soo fun doing this one, hopes it shines through
Still Smiling
Lyrical Princess
07/30/13 11:48:54PM @lyrical-princess:
I always know that when I come to your page, it doesn't matter what I listen to.. I'm always going to be leaving with a Smile on my face.. I love this song.. Let it shine!! :)

All The Best,

09/15/10 12:07:10AM @michael-frazier:
Pretet damn sweet. Loved the listen.
09/03/10 11:58:27AM @mark-reed:
All the plaudits have already been used for this piece, magic in any way you care to turn it. Pure class well done
07/03/08 06:25:34AM @dazed:
Had to come back to this tune. Chrickon your playing blows me away!! This is just an amazing tune.
Gary Carciello
04/30/08 11:54:21PM @gary-carciello:
Oh well,this is just so good...very high quality sounds and interesting arrangement!!!I like those tight drum sounds and gtr sounds a lot...very professional and well thought instrumental music.Wow!!!!!!!!!

Gary C

11/08/08 12:19:06PM @the-autumleaf:
Superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just enjoyed every bit of it .. What more to say . Just keep on playing!!!!!!
Jay From The Autumnleaf

03/03/08 03:00:35PM @ab1:
love this acoustic jam.. to a heavy metal ride.. never heard you so wild.. but you reign that steed in.. man that's beautiful.. and your tones are prefectly chosen and placed.. composed.. lots of grace.. and then briefly.. IN YOUR FACE!.. man C.. not hard to embrace.. for great guitar music these days you are setting the pace.. nordic marathon..
great ending riffs.. you won the race.. cheers brother C.. :-)

01/21/08 08:35:09AM @brian-mattson:
Yeah I'm still smiling after listening to this. I alway know I'm in for a treat when I listen to your tracks. You are a stand out in all that you do, and man you do it with such taste. Sounds effortless, leaving no room for doubt, allowing the listener to be immersed in your musicality! Expertly done!!!!!!!!
12/02/07 08:00:21PM @diva:
Holy Crap! This has everything including the kitchen sink in it --- and it works. You got me smiling on this baby.
11/20/07 02:36:17AM @shane:
I really do love your music. Have listened to several tracks today. Still smiling is tops !!

Your music conveys an expression of who you are-

This track has a unique blend of genre types. An awesome lead guitar sound here.


06/19/07 11:43:09AM @mike-g:
Fantastic work!I can't say enough good things about this song.Very well done!
08/24/06 01:33:56PM @michael:
Great tune i love the crunch sound in the heavy parts
06/30/06 11:42:22AM @mach:
Excellent! I can't stop listening. Thanks for some great music. Very good perfomance!
06/07/06 10:23:03PM @dazed:

Man this sounds great. Your playing is exceptional!

This reminds me of some Craig Chaquico New Age stuff until you kick in with the heavy distortion!

Nice job!


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