One Of A Kind

album: Project
genre: Easy Listening
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creation date: 2008-10-05

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Me going Smooth!! About the feelings i have for my new guitar
One Of A Kind
11/11/11 05:10:10PM @david-c-deal:
I returned to return a review favor. Shame on me for not listening to your site in such a long time. I normally see "easy listening" and find a different song. This is beautiful and just what my soul needed tonight.
12/22/10 10:55:00PM @eirik-finbak:
I understand that you love your guitar, thats for sure.
Cause the tune is build very well, and has a nice smooth touch.
I like the piano bits too.
Good job!

12/11/10 06:37:55PM @stereopath:
Great track! Nice and smooth...
Excellent performances and an awesome mix too.
Well done! : )

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10/14/10 03:39:26PM @:
Yeah man...this is not only easy listening, its beautiful music to my ears and heart. One's soul has no choice but to be moved and inspired after hearing something like this. For me personally, hearing songs like this makes me want to sing. It has a fantastic melody that I would only hope one day to produce something like this and write/sing to. You truly are a gem...the music is perfect. Well done...a new fan here!
09/15/10 12:10:52AM @michael-frazier:
Drums are a little loud for me. Loved everything else about this track. Smooth feel to the music and awesome guitar work. Loved the listen - thanks for that.
07/10/10 06:02:29PM @eirik-finbak:
This is a well aranged ballade, with nice elements.

Good job with the smooth Song ;)

05/16/10 03:24:08PM @chris-hall:
Hey! this song is great. Its soo soothing and i love the easy going guitar playing. I can't fault anything on this track. Great tune. :)


10/08/09 09:01:39PM @through-a-glass-darkly:
First listen today to your music and very nice! Very smooth and professional sound here. Lovely guitar playing and beautiful laid back arrangement - a very enjoyable listen. Thanks - Derek
12/01/09 11:58:51PM @ed-drury:
Excellent chillin' track. Lovely piano and pads. Great progression and silky smooth guitar work.
05/05/09 02:23:24PM @vesa:
This is a very kool easy laid back the wah effect...nice piano addition. Good sound levels. Very relaxing composition. The arranging is just right. It has a warm tantilizing feel to it. Fine piano melodic. Love that guitar and piano combination. Well done composition. Very nifty jazzy phrasing...most inspiring. Like the octaves. A Wes Montgomery fave of mine...he's been an influence. This is well composed. Nice atmosphere. Fine melodics.
EXCELLENT. -Your friend. -Vesa.

02/08/09 07:13:03PM @jdk:
righteous. easy listening to the bone. smooth, man. just beautiful.


05/28/12 10:40:07AM @kalola-kiss:
Right off I feel the embrace of this piece. I am engulfed with big strong arms of music. God I love your sounds...very exciting.
10/27/08 03:36:48PM @tcp:
This sort of excruciating quality I expect from you. Wonderfully done in all respects Christer! Every detail is superb. ~Blake
10/26/08 04:08:39AM @the-autumleaf:
Great Music !!!! More than music it gives sheer feeling of happiness !!!The Melody is so blissful I love the way you play guitar and it is really easy and makes you feel at peace
That was cool


FD Project
10/08/08 10:07:26AM @fd-project:
Great, great track.
This is easy listening in perfection.
I love it...

greetings from germany

10/07/08 10:01:33AM @syntopia-music:
Love it from the first note, great lovely song. The wonderful mood going deeply. great percusion and piano line.The sound of the guitar are very smooth, great work.

Syntopia Music

10/07/08 06:16:50AM @ab1:
christer my friend you certainly are one of a kind.. sorry i didn't recognize this as a new one.. you know i don't miss yours if possible.. it is indeed very easy listening and i'm not missing a thing.. i hang on every note you play.. i need my inspiration everyday.. you are showing your new jazz side and i'm happy to be along for the ride.. guess your influence on me shows too as my last 2 are laid back in the groove..
you've made me feel the softer lyrical side again like no other brother.. and i really want to thank you.. this is for me a typically exquistie song from your talented fingers and mind.. I search constantly and with you I find.. cheers C.. :-)

10/07/08 03:35:51AM @self-tort:
Why do people who write and perform really cool intricate music, persist in calling it "easy listening". Sure you could sit back and let this drift over you, but you'd be missing something really beautiful. And how did this get so far down the New Songs page with just 2 reviews. It's a funny old world. But back to the music. Gorgeous work Christer. Smooth is the word all right. But sheer class. The production and playing is out of this world. Melodic, harmonic. This isn't easy listening. This is grab the one you love, hold them close and let the passion flow. This, and the performer, is "One of a Kind". Great work. Inspired and awesome work from a huge talent.



10/07/08 02:50:30AM @tlt50:
IMO....absolute perfection.... ! Smooth , beautiful groove and chord progression. !! Excellent backing track..... for my bro, Christer, to do his magical guitar work. This is smooth ..... as sweet as it gets !! Amazing ...... WTG.... my friend ..... you never dissapoint. *****
your, Yankee brother....:-)

10/05/08 02:32:06PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Mr Smooth going even smoother!!!! This is fabulous Christer. Loving the groove and the vibes from this piece. Shows a different side of you and man, some real sweet Jazz licks. Loving it to bits.


11/18/08 08:48:55PM @brian-mattson:
In a word ... Beautiful! Yes, you always come through with melodic lines that are just ... well ... BEAUTIFUL!

Pure magic!!

03/08/12 11:06:50AM @visualword:
Beautiful chill number, very relaxing, sweet sounding guitar.
11/19/08 10:49:42AM @test200:
this just floats into my living room on a cloud. that backing string is heaven. you have such style in your chops man. groovy grooves and wonderful melodic sense. I always like when you pick your spot to put a little bite in your lead. another great drift from you.
10/08/08 06:39:04PM @soundtrapper:
The magic is not only in your has spread. Excellent sounds for pure enjoyment.

5 stars


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