David C Deal
David C Deal
David C Deal

Fading Stars (feat DCoonrod bass, MSanders voc)

album: Unpublished
genre: Southern Rock
streams: 225
creation date: 2010-09-24

  Song Lyrics
Fading Stars Was a Time when we Shined so brightly, we Thought to rule all the sky Fought our battles, as Knights on white steeds, we Spread our will far...
  Song Information
This song was inspired by my good friend who endured a long illness, (not to mention the self reflection it stimulated). The good news is that following...
Fading Stars (feat DCoonrod bass, MSanders voc)
John R. Kennedy
01/26/14 12:11:47AM @john-r-kennedy:
Nice sounding acoustic guitars and vocals. Enjoyable and soothing song with some inspiring lyrics. Very nicely done.

Peace and Blessings to you all, John

02/07/11 05:35:25PM @mark-cloutier:
This is beautiful stuff..Harmonies are killer and the guitar picking is seweet!!!!!! nice bringdown!
09/26/10 10:48:31AM @tcp:
Hey Dave....really a distinct pleasure listening to this soft and sensitive piece. Truly excellent acoustic and vocals as well as the beautifully written music and lyrics. Combo of you and Mack on mic is wonderful. Inspirational -- I never expect anything less from you and you're always delivering the goods. Bravo!! ..B
Luca Wulf
09/25/10 03:55:55PM @huge-artist:
David ,been awhile mate :)

Well first off,delighted to read of your freinds recovery!!
It must have beena terrible strain on friends and family as well as the good man himself.

I have from time to time mused on how life seems to send us definaing moments,that are life changing,spirit changing.
I believe I read somewhere that "Life is something that happens to us whilst we are making plans"

It is a beautiful,peaceful,fragile and ultimately,almost a "Holy" song.
It has a kind of hymn at it's heart if you know what I mean.

Vocals excellent.
Beautiful tone to the acoustic and a nice warm bass.
I believe that songs that come from love come purest.
Shine on .

09/30/10 08:16:06PM @wrightdude:
Some nice finger pickin! Dig the vocal harmonies! Glad to hear things worked out for the best with your friend!!!

09/24/10 08:33:24PM @cooter:
This is such a beautiful song, David. A pleasure listening.

and... way cool, about your friend. :-)



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