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Fit For Duty (feat: John Else)

album: This Uknown Soldier
genre: Other
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creation date: 2012-01-08

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John Else is a seasoned veteran of the Iraq war who expresses his experiences past and present with the most beautiful prose. John Wayne Else and I decided...
Fit For Duty (feat: John Else)
06/21/24 02:18:52PM @kim-d-groff:
Totally heartfelt brother!
John R. Kennedy
01/26/14 12:22:51AM @john-r-kennedy:
As a Vietnam Vet, I can surely relate to this piece. But, I have a higher authority that I call on these days and that works for me. It is hard to come home from war and be spit on and called baby killer, but then the Lord knows my deeds and so I don't worry about hateful people, because this world will always have plenty of them. Now retired, I paint pictures and make music and enjoy life to its fullest potential and forget about those who would cause me grief. On my Sound Click Music page 2 you will find a dedication song for all of our troops that I did last year. Have a listen and enjoy. This was a very serious message it seems from a broken heart how loves his country that forgot him, but remember one thing, you are never forgotten and thank you for your service.

Peace and Blessings, John

01/29/12 12:44:19PM @tcp:
Really.....quite awesome. Got to hand it to Mr. John Else for expressing things in such a poignant way. And Dave, the music goes perfectly with the sentiment of John's words.

In my mind, the wars we are fighting are criminal. My heart goes out to those veterans who have been used in such a fraudulent and tragic misuse of human life. How we have become so misdirected and manipulated over the centuries of politics and warfare is mind blowing. The motives are obscene. But we allow it to happen - over and over again.

Thanks for the reminder, and the artistic approach. You both are so on top of the message. Kudos! ...B

Those Among Us
01/21/12 07:35:49PM @those-among-us:
Very intense yet moving piece.
The music compliments the narration perfectly.

01/08/12 10:01:50PM @gene-smith:
WOW! If this is the start I want more! Too often we don't "understand" what it does to those who "stand the wall"
P Eric Bailey
03/09/12 11:06:33PM @p-eric-bailey:
An excellent expression of what one goes through to put their life on the line for others. The music is a perfect match for the emotion. David, I believe you have succeeded in using music to heal. Congratulations to you and John for a very moving piece of music.



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