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David C Deal
David C Deal

Mea Culpa (DavidCDeal, Nigel Potter)

album: Unpublished
genre: Symphonic Rock
streams: 211

  Song Lyrics
MEA CULPA Nigel Potter Silence don't stir the dust the lies somethings are best left where they lie let it stand for all that's done as they say we always...
  Song Information
A beautiful song with melody and lyrics written by Nigel Potter. He allowed me to write and produce the arrangement.
Mea Culpa (DavidCDeal, Nigel Potter)
12/18/14 12:01:58AM @david-c-deal:
Heinz, thank you so very much for listening and your comments. Great to see you back on Mix!
12/17/14 11:04:06PM @blue-sahara:
Nigel! David!!!!! Wow! This goes deep down one's soul. Nigel's haunting voice ... so near, yet so far! So familiar, yet so strange. David's orchestral accompaniment just elevates this masterpiece onto another level! Excellent, both of you Gents!
09/10/14 06:19:52PM @bustert:
Feeling, feeling and feeling! More of this heartbreakersound!
06/01/14 08:07:54PM @tlt50:
The intro.....Orchestration.....brilliant ! Nigel... is a one of a kind....amazing musical talent.... Fantastic....classy track.... Musicianship.....shines brightly !~!
06/23/12 01:24:57PM @gene-smith:
David and Nigel,

You two fit like a glove. I love the pieces you have done together and this is no exception. A simple lyric that, as Kooder stated, speaks volumes when delivered by Nigel and riding the Doc's amazing orchestration. It just doesn't get any better.

I cannot wait to hear more my friends because this synergy is just amazing!

06/21/12 07:59:47PM @david-c-deal:
Thank you Joyfulwav, Dolce and Farrell.. your thoughtfulness is most appreciated.
06/21/12 06:19:06PM @joyfulwave:
wow...this sounds like a movie soundtrack...fantastic work guys...i really enjoyed it...kudos :)
06/22/12 03:54:07PM @cooter:
Amazing, David and Nigel. Amazing.

Simple, but not. Immersive. Captivating.


One verse and one chorus speaking volumes. The wonderful lyric lays so comfortably in its bed of sound. And the bed of sound is welcoming to every ear... or, at least to mine.

A most fine tune, guys, beautifully done. I love it.


06/21/12 02:01:47PM @dolce:
Yet another incredibly evocative piece. Talent for miles...incredible muscianship indeed.


06/24/12 08:35:53PM @tlt50:
Brilliant intro...Strings...outstanding and pristine !! Anything Nigel touches....is class....! Incredible work you 2...! Fantastic...*****

Keybro.....beautiful :))

Doctor C
07/15/12 09:40:08PM @doctor-c:
Outstansing orchestration done with a superb taste and restraint. Simply brilliant. Bravo, gentlemen!
Luca Wulf
06/21/12 11:59:10AM @huge-artist:
Thank you for taking sucha humble little song and making it breathe.
Without you David this never would have seen the light of day.
Your compositional skills,arangement and musicanship is staggering.

For those new to the song...
I sent David a terrible little demo of this song and said go for it.
He made it from scratch with his wonderful orchestra.

Farrell Jackson
06/21/12 12:11:27PM @farrell-jackson:
A wonderful song David and Nigel! The orchestration sounds exceptional coupled with Nigel's emotional lyric and vox. Nice work guys!


bill b
06/21/12 09:48:41PM @bill-b:
Nice to hear Nigel again. Great job!
06/29/12 03:48:17AM @digger-stone:
This is great...

Nigel you wrote a beautiful song here...David your play is just the icing on the cake.



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