David C Deal
David C Deal
David C Deal

Open My Eyes (DcDeal, D Coonrod, P Tebar)

album: Unpublished
genre: Mix2014CountryMusicAward
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creation date: 2014-02-02

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    Open My Eyes David c Deal   2014   Just when I thought I knew it all, The good, the bad, the plain A spark of light was planted in my mind   And as that...
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This is a song of hope following a life ot fear based retreat. David c Deal; guitars, lyrics, drums, composition, production Pete Tebar; vocals David...
Open My Eyes (DcDeal,  D Coonrod, P Tebar)
09/20/19 08:10:51PM @david-c-deal:
carol sue:
What more can I say..
I love this song!!

I'd forgotten all about it,.. thanks Carol.

carol sue
09/20/19 07:22:10PM @carol-sue:
What more can I say..
I love this song!!

John R. Kennedy
04/02/14 10:31:28PM @john-r-kennedy:
I liked this one a lot. Very nice vocals and instrumentation. Nice job to all involved. Nice mix.

Peace and Blessings, John

03/09/14 12:15:50AM @ron-kauffman:
Beautiful song David. Sure wish I could play guitar like you.
02/23/14 11:50:08AM @the-jet-black-project:
Great recording. Like your vocals everything going on here. Except for that bass line: Something about it is a tad off for me. (But what the hell do I know. I'm sitting at home in my underwear.)
Lyrical Princess
02/04/14 02:17:44PM @lyrical-princess:
Great way to begin my day. You know, after coffee and a mix of procrastination. LOL ~ This is a Wonderful song . Love the lyrics David, And Pete's Incredible vocals were the perfect choice. Outstanding performance by all involved.

All The Best,

02/03/14 06:49:07AM @josephrodz:
This is a song I want to hear all day!

02/02/14 11:26:25PM @tlt50:
Awesome, big time talents, sharing their skills on this. *Bravo* Gents....:) Would love to hear some percussion goodies...sprinkled in, for ear candy. Brilliant work guys...****

Larry T

02/02/14 01:12:02PM @the-truevulgarians:
Excellent song right here. Love the acoustic intro and, of course, Pete Jon Tebar provides his typically first-rate vocal performance. Wonderful lyrics by David C Deal along with wonderful performances by all the musicians involved in this one. Really nice song boys!
02/02/14 11:31:20AM @scotswolfe:
Great feel to this song.Excellent job done by all involved.Bravo!!
02/02/14 10:21:18AM @jmo:
Nice Sunday morning track fellas!!


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