David C Deal
David C Deal
David C Deal

With Eyes of An Angel (DavidcDeal, D Coonrod bass, Mack Sanders vocals)

album: Unpublished
genre: Ballad
streams: 461
creation date: 2010-03-18

  Song Lyrics
With Eyes of an Angel David c Deal, Ph.D. In the dark of space, Bursts a star of light. Dressed in human form, A girl by type. And she shines, And she sees...
  Song Information
This song is dedicated to my granddaughter Jocelynne.
With Eyes of An Angel (DavidcDeal, D Coonrod bass, Mack Sanders vocals)
carol sue
09/20/19 07:17:33PM @carol-sue:
Pages and pages of outstanding music and collaborations through the years.
So many of your songs I have enjoyed in the past radio shows.
This has always been a favorite. Beautiful, beautiful... beautiful!
2010… wasn't that just yesterday, spacebud! lol :) Such a fan I am, I am!
Bravo, once again my friend! *****

06/26/18 10:00:15PM @david-c-deal:
Tricia C:
A stupendous and awesomely produced song! So glad I heard this tonight in DJ chat... Absolutely beautiful! Vocals, keys.. production, everything! WOW!

Tricia, thank you, thank you, thank you!

12/05/14 03:58:34PM @david-c-deal:
Thank you so very much Piyali and Doug!!!!
12/05/14 02:11:07PM @piyali:
Love the harmonies!
12/05/14 02:09:03PM @piyali:
Absolutely beautiful! I love it! Fantastic music composition and vocals! Fabulous collaboration! Love you Mack and David! :)
John R. Kennedy
08/23/13 12:37:55AM @john-r-kennedy:
David, First, thanks for your comments on my songs and for stopping bye. As for this song of yours, wow, that opening was huge. Very nice textures and instrumentation. Vocals and vocal harmonies are very nicely done. Nice arrangement and mixing skills to boot. Very nice song and lyrics. Top shelf!!

Peace and Blessings, John

P Eric Bailey
04/09/12 06:29:49PM @p-eric-bailey:

I heard this the other night on Mixradio and as you know I had to hear it again to give it a proper review.

You know my friend, I find all of your music to be good, very well done and quite polished.

But, this song, is brilliant. It has become one of my favorites songs as the transformations of this piece is magnificent. Congratulations to the three of you for creating a wonderful piece of music.

The best to you always,


Music For The Kids
10/05/11 04:27:17PM @music-for-the-kids:
Thanks so much for allowing us to have this for the Music For The Kids album :D
06/21/11 10:37:34AM @marie-dailly:
Absolutely beautiful!!!
No other words..........:'{
Perfect song!

Luca Wulf
01/24/11 11:46:30AM @huge-artist:
Yes a revisit to thsi epic masterpiece for today I think :)
Quite happy to let it all flow past
I can only echo what I wrote before.
Only a VERY small handful of people can pull this sort of music of with such dignity and clarity.

Luca Wulf
04/26/10 06:02:39AM @huge-artist:
Fusion jazz,full on prog rock,orchestral rock,it's all here,and that;s within the first minute!!
It settles into an almost pop vibe,and then...
That beautiful pause before the vocals enter.

It feels like deep space,it has that eternal feel.

I don't want to fall into the archair producer style review
I just want to enjoy what flows before me.
This is class music.

I remember the first time I heard Eloy Planets album.
Something in this has me floating the way that Eloy did.

David,it really is a beautiful song.
Those spacious keys ah just a dream.
When it faded out,it was just perfection.

Thank you for the download.
It will cared for well :)


03/21/10 05:01:34PM @genghisken:
OUTSTANDING INTRO!!! superb keys (as usual!) and a melody that destroyed my idea that all ballads had to be depressing. Enter then the absolute stunning vocals, that tell me of eyes of an angel...well the voice of an angel should surely know angel's eyes when it sees them! Amazing piece David, superbly and professionally done. I am in Awe sir!
Rob Grant
03/21/10 09:14:39AM @rayon-vert:
Absolutely a BEAUTIFUL piece of music, Doc Dave!!! The bass work of David Coonrod is excellent and right to my taste......very melodic. Mark's vocals, not only are excellent as ever, but he really adds a very dreamy feel to your superb keyboard space extravaganza. This is a definite download and looking forward to your next CD. CONGRATS!!! to ALL!!! and your Granddaughter is one Lucky girl to have such a Wonderful G-Dad!!!!

03/20/10 05:36:56AM @mike-lynn:
Absolutely great work. Like you said, Mack's vocal is excellent. Thanks for sharing. / Mike
Farrell Jackson
03/20/10 09:03:40AM @farrell-jackson:
Wonderful David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't what else to say except that I'm at awe!!!!!!!!


03/19/10 10:15:36AM @peergum:
Nice music... When I saw "ballad" I was expecting something a bit different... the rhythm on at least the first half of the album is a bit strong for a ballad -IMHO-. Then the second half is almost new age... :)
But sounds cool. And the duet (you and you?) is nice...


03/18/10 04:49:35PM @bigpete:
great sounding production David, lots of low end, great producton on the vocals, great composition, its all there, great to have some new David C Deal for the show, the vocals are really stellar on this, really like angels singing.
03/22/10 07:36:13PM @tcp:
Love that viola(?) line in the intro! Mack really blows me away with the melody, harmonies, and smoothness!! Love those ambient KB chords after Mack is done. This is an excellent piece for sure. Really appreciate how this is structured and flows through to end. Impressive piece Dave!
11/02/11 04:22:34PM @mizieya:
I love the theatrics and the whole surreality of the song. Partly this reminds me of This Mortal Coil (the second album) which i think you'd like. I'm smiling with pleasure listening to this.
05/24/13 06:21:36AM @lodato:
I thought I commented on this long ago. Good thing I was in the mood for it this am before my unusual bedtime. Yeah man this is perfect for all kinds of utopian dream states.
05/21/10 06:37:11PM @mark-cloutier:
Great stuff David! Everything about it beams with soul and energy!great vocals--impressive to the max!Progressive but the audience can grasp everything about this!! cheers
03/19/10 09:20:50PM @brian-futch:
Love the feel in this tune. Very well thought out. Love the vocals and the lyrics. Awesome tune. I see you're in to progressive rock. Don't know if you've ever heard of Fates Warning or not, but their drummer, Mark Zonder is playing on my new album. He's phenomenal.

03/19/10 09:51:59PM @tlt50:
DCD....What an epic intro.... loved the synth lines.Bro....outstanding production....major talents ....I should...I will.. check the info. WOW ,the chords, when the vocals kick in.. are magical...!! This is sweet ...those harmonies.."With Eyes of an Angel".....you've blown me away with this...truly...Superb !!!The low end with the synth work.....the soundscape, ambience...FANTASTIC,, my friend !! WOW ........:-)
Yes, I checked the info....beautiful granddaughter....perfect..!!
Mack....the vocALS...and the amazing harmonies...are breath-taking.!David Coonrad's bass work...is stellar... Bravo to all... OUTSTANDING !!


03/19/10 06:25:33PM @microjazz:
Great track - well produced and great vocal harmonies - nice one.


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