Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Anticipation (with Gary Carciello)

album: TBD
genre: Classic Rock
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Anticipation (V1) The flash of lightenin', the sound of thunderDon't hold a candle, to the spell I'm under My mind is twisted, my body's achingYou're in...
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Gary sent me some music and I put some vocals to it. Maybe a little ZZ Top influence here. Gary Carciello - music and guitars . Farrell Jackson - Lyric,...
Anticipation (with Gary Carciello)
01/21/18 04:02:15PM @ronbowes:
Love this one bro. Rock on! Roll the dice...
12/30/17 03:40:42PM @david-c-deal:
All right Farrell and Dace... fine rockin!
Farrell Jackson
12/23/17 04:20:08PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Dace! Us guys just need to step back and rock now and then.


Farrell Jackson
12/23/17 11:29:51AM @farrell-jackson:
I thought I'd put up this rocker with some bawdy lyric to get you rockin' .


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