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Farrell Jackson

Just Keep Breathing (W- Brian Ralston & Nigel Potter)

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genre: Collaborations
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Just Keep BreathingV1)Last night I saw lights on the Moonbut I knew no one was homeand when I looked at the streets around meI knew no one was home...Ch)Set...
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This is a collaboration between Brian Ralston (Self Tort), Nigel Potter and myself. We did this song several years ago for one of The Mix Challenge...
Just Keep Breathing (W- Brian Ralston & Nigel Potter)
Farrell Jackson
11/05/18 10:46:18AM @farrell-jackson:
I thank you kindly Toni, Ladydove, and Waveman. Collaborating with Brian R. and Nigel P. on this song was a real highlight for me. Waveman, Brian pops up on Mix now and then but I haven't heard from Nigel in a few years...I hope he is well also.
11/05/18 09:19:11AM @waveman:
names I recognize, great collab, guitar solo was excellent farrell, as was the lyrics and vocal work guys. enjoyed this arrangement, hope nigel is well
Lady Dove
10/19/18 11:43:01PM @ladydove:
Yes.... love the Floyd influence 😎💕🎶
Barefoot Music
10/19/18 04:47:54AM @barefoot-music-group:
Wow Farrell. This is the most Pink Floyd tune I have ever heard by you. Fantastic song!


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