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Farrell Jackson

Only You Know and I Know

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A cover song I did in 2011 by Dave Mason from his "Alone Together" album circa 1970. Looking through some old files, I rediscovered it. I don't do many...
Only You Know and I Know
Farrell Jackson
05/27/20 11:27:24AM @farrell-jackson:
Tim Vargo:

Thanks Tim!

Tim Vargo
11/24/19 03:03:48PM @tim-vargo:
Farrell Jackson
11/22/19 12:30:57PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for the good words Gary !
Gary Dabrowski
11/22/19 12:17:50PM @gary-dabrowski:
heard you do this on a mixstream show recently...I liked this song from way back, and I like your interpretation!...nicely done
Farrell Jackson
11/19/19 09:42:20AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Ronbo!
11/18/19 07:53:10PM @ronbowes:
Nicely done cuz. Enjoyed this cover - nice mix.
Farrell Jackson
11/18/19 09:52:41AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Carol Sue!
carol sue
11/18/19 08:19:24AM @carol-sue:
Fantastic rendition!
Farrell Jackson
11/17/19 10:03:28AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks so much for listening and for the good words Ian!
11/17/19 03:37:57AM @freudian-slip:
Nice fresh sounding mix Farrell. Those vocals are at a pitch I "used" to be able to hit. Nice harmonies and clean guitars. Great job all around.


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