Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

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genre: Southern Rock
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This is a cover by my former group (The JMZ Band) that we did of the classic Georgia Satellites' song, Keep Your Hands To Yourself. It's a recording of a...
Keep Your Hands To Yourself
tony cee
04/16/21 01:35:01PM @tony-cee:
superb cover farrell and the jmz band fantastic recording , smooth guitar work and vocals love the backing vocals aswell top marks ........cheers tony cee
Gary Dabrowski
04/16/21 01:28:47PM @gary-dabrowski:
woo hoo!...love it!...(on the verge of) yodeling here and there is a nice touch
Farrell Jackson
04/14/21 10:17:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for the good words @warrioth-rowley, @jimsae, @moquinn !
04/14/21 09:20:41PM @moquinn:
cool cover song Farrell & the JMZ Band
I need to rawk ~ move the chairs ~ let's dance

04/14/21 04:11:12PM @jimsae:
Wow, a fine cover, Farrell! Rockin and Rollin'!
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/14/21 10:31:47AM @warrioth-rowley:
This is brilliant Farrell!!Great vocals,guitar,well everything about it is great!!Rocking!! - April.


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