Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Distant Eyes (updated)

album: Orchid Faded Sky
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 15

  Song Lyrics
Distant Eyes (1) Distant eyes, what do you see? Are you looking for someone to please, to fill a need? Distant eyes, you search the skies. For things you...
  Song Information
Distant Eyes Credits: Farrell Jackson - Songwriter, all vocals, all instruments and mix/production.  Mastered by LANDR.
Distant Eyes (updated)
Twank Whelan
07/27/21 02:01:56PM @twank-whelan:
Powerful, head-bangin' rocker! Nice work with those guitars, particularly like that bass. Vocals clear as a bell, sit perfectly in the mix, well done!
07/18/21 08:03:26AM @ronbowes:
Love the opening cuz! Draws you straight in! Great rocker with a nice crunch on them geetars.
tony cee
07/17/21 08:04:04PM @tony-cee:
this a brill song farrell . great bloody mix and instrumentation , love the vocal well worth another listen cool tune .....cheers tony cee


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