Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Jacks and Queens (Feat. Gary Carciello)

album: Jestasong
genre: Country Rock
streams: 21
creation date: 2022-05-16

  Song Lyrics
Jacks and Queens   1. I see you there..... across the room Surrounded by guys.....ready to zoom Here comes your glance.....floating on air Should I grab...
  Song Information
A Country Rock song from my Jestasong Album circa 2014 but remastered in 2022.  Credits: Gary Carciello - main backing tracks. Guitars, drums, bass, and...
Jacks and Queens (Feat. Gary Carciello)
Farrell Jackson
05/26/22 12:07:08PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Moe, Ron, and Twank for the good comments on my remastered version. @moquinn, @ronbowes, and @twank-whelan.

Gary and I appreciate you all!

Twank Whelan
05/22/22 01:55:06PM @twank-whelan:
Been enjoying this in the radio shows, a fine collab gents.
05/18/22 08:52:03PM @ronbowes:
Well, of course I am familiar with this song. Cool fat sound on this mix cuz.
05/18/22 08:26:28PM @moequinn:
always enjoy your music @farrell-jackson ~ no show today...so making my own music show
Peace & R&R Moe


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