New Collab: 3 steps ahead of the Devil-Kit Mann, Doc David Deal, Bill-TrueVulgarians, David Coonrod

New Collab-3 steps ahead of the Devil-Kit Mann, Doc David Deal, Bill-TrueVulgarians, David Coonrod.

Hey everyone I want to introduce you to a new blues song collab with all the above aritst.  This song started and was recorded as an instrumental.  I had always wanted to add lyrics to it so I looked for help.  Because I was so brain dead I couldn't even come up with a subject matter for the song.  I ended up going into my folder of junk songs and incomplete songs, and songs I never wrote music to.  When I came across 3 steps ahead of the Devil I listened to the guitar track that I recorded and the chorus in my lyrics fit the music.  So I took it out and change some lyrics.  I recorded I Know with Doc Deal so I asked him if he would help and he said yes.  And since I heard the TrueVulgarians music when I first came to mixpouser I have wanted to record a song with Bill ever since.  Well I sent the guitar track to Doc and Bill. and the lyrics.  I told Bill he could change anything in the lyrics as he needed.  When he sent the lyrics back they were 100 Fold better than what I just wrote.  Doc needed to know the BPM for the song, funny thing is I wrote down everything but I could not read what I wrote down.  It was either 72 or 74 bpm.  I even asked Karen if she could read it and she couldn't. Doc wrote me back laughing saying it was 72bpm.  Well Doc recorded a drum track and organ and mixed it with my guitar track.  I then sent the music to Bill and he did his vocals.  When they came back I was simply floored.  The way Bill approached the song, and the way he projected his vocals was amazeing. Then we sent it all back to Doc.  Doc did a mix and he had asked David Coonrod-Fender Bender, if he was available for bass and he said he was all in.  Today when Doc sent the final mix to me I was just floored.  Every person involved took the song and made it a part of them.  The emotions that the guitar, the organ and bass produce, just magnifies the lyrics, and the way Bill sings the song brings to the listener the pain, sorrow, and fear of the man in the song.  In the song a man trys to stay just 3 steps ahead of the Devil for a crime he commited when he was young, just trying to feed his family.  He prays to God because he does not want to go to hell.  I have never worked with any artist in all my recordings that are as good and passionate about what they are doing with music as Doc Deal, Bill-TrueVulgarians, and David Coonrod.  I am so very honored that they all helped with this project and I hope that you listeners enjoy the song as much as we do.  Thank you
Kit Mann
11/23/14 07:56:58PM @kitmann:
Admin and Gene, I really want to thank you so very much from all of us. We are so happy that you enjoyed the song. It was very fun to record and for me working with Doc, TV, and David C has been the high light of all my years of playing and recording. I am so honored to have been able to record with this Just fantastic artist. I will never forget it. Again Thank you both. Kit
11/23/14 07:42:35PM @gene-smith:
Yup I agree
11/23/14 06:54:48PM @admin:
Hard to beat that team :)


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