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Open Waters Blues......revisited

By kitmann, 2014-09-23
Hey all I'm reposting a blog I wrote about the song Open Waters Blues FT Harry Edgar.  It seem Barefoot Toni has loaded the song to play on her show, so I thought I would repost the back story for the song.  I hope you enjoy this song.

Hey Everyone I have loaded up again a song called Open Waters Blues  kit Mann ft. Harry Edgar.  As many of you know Beth my neighbor has sang on many of my songs.  Well her Father Doc Greene lives next door.  Doc loves to sail.  And overtime he was trapped between the two loves of sailing and his wife.  Doc ended up selling his boat. Sad Day.....  I wanted to do something special for Doc so I wrote this song.  A song of a sailor who misses his wife so much.  Here love for him keeps his sail full on his journey home.  When Harry and I recorded this song, Harry was doing the back ground vocals.  And it sounded so smooth.  I thought then that since this song is about love and the sea, that having Harry sing and me sing the back up vocals, with his scotlish accent this would really make the song special for Doc.  Once done I burned a copy of the song and gave it to Doc and Donna.  They both love the song.  Hope you enjoy this song.  Thank you all


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